An Innovative New Look for a Revolutionary Company

Hello, The Future.

At Zenmonics, our goal is winning customers for life. That’s why our brand reflects the speed-to-market, agility and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction we provide.

Our logo had been with us since our founding in 2007 and has served us very well. We changed the game with the introduction of our channelUNITED® platform that has evolved how financial institutions approach their channel strategy. It was time for our logo to evolve, as well.

When we decided to redesign the logo, we approached it with the same energy we use to tackle our clients’ big problems with even bigger solutions. We wanted to look on the outside how we feel on the inside—agile and effortless. So, the logo incorporates an animal as nimble as we are—our Patronus, the hummingbird.

The Logotype: From Anonymous to Timeless

Our old logotype incorporated the clean lines of Helvetica—unfortunately, so does everyone else’s logo. The result was a look and feel that could have belonged to anyone.

The new logotype was designed to be one of a kind, just like Zenmonics. Our new typeface combines whimsical fluidity with blunt function for an effect that’s unmistakably us.

What’s next?

We’re starting with a solid foundation—branding built to last at least a little longer than the Spice Girls. We know this brand refresh puts us in a great position to weather the sands of time, but we also know that in our industry, companies adapt or die.

We’re always evolving our products to meet the shifting needs of banks and customers, and we’re just as ready to take our look to the next level.