New Mobile Application

Zenmonics Launches New Mobile App for Bankers

Wish your banker was mobile? A Charlotte tech company has an application for that. Zenmonics Inc. this week debuted mobileBanker, a mobile tablet computer app that the company says “transforms the way bank personnel access information and interact with customers.”

Press Release

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today Zenmonics Inc., a leading provider of information technology solutions for the banking and finance sector, announced a new mobility solution that transforms the way bank personnel access information and interact with customers.

Zenmonics mobileBanker makes a full array of sales, marketing, transaction and account services information easily available through a single interface on a secure, mobile tablet device. It enables bank personnel to work side by side with a client or prospect from virtually anywhere – inside the bank or out. Both customer accounts and bank data can be accessed fluidly without having to toggle between various systems and applications.

Using a tablet equipped with a card reader, associates can quickly swipe a bank card or credit card to identify a customer and to pull up a profile, account information, statement and more –personalizing each interaction. They can answer customer questions, use multimedia to present products and offers, open new accounts, capture signatures, and email receipts and welcome kits, all within the same application.

Zenmonics mobileBanker features four modules that correspond to important bank functions. Zenmonics Lobby Leader is used to greet and track customers. A Sales module makes it easy to assess needs, open accounts and offer new products. A Servicing module streamlines profile updates and speeds responses to customer service requests. A Teller module makes it possible for associates to complete transactions from anywhere inside a branch or store.

Financial institutions using Zenmonics mobileBanker can expect a strong return on investment. Guided sales tools used by associates at branch or by relationship managers calling on clients in the community can help to shorten sales cycles and build revenues. Electronic forms and email capabilities can reduce paper and courier costs. The application can even reduce start-up costs by shrinking the square footage and the hardware required for new advice centers.

“Though mobile banking apps have seen high adoption rates, the industry has yet to bring mobility to bankers who service clients in a face-to-face setting,” says Riaz Syed, Zenmonics CEO and founder. “Zenmonics mobileBanker frees bank personnel from their desks and transforms how they interact with clients and prospects. With the broad range of information we place at their fingertips, they can work more efficiently and personalize each interaction. The end result is an improved customer experience that builds deeper and longer-lasting relationships.”

The Technology behind the Solution

Zenmonics worked directly with several financial services companies to develop mobileBanker. The application is built on Zenmonics’ mobileUnited™ middleware platform – a highly secure, bank-grade architecture that is easy to configure, customize and integrate. This allows mobileBanker to be plugged into existing technologies easily, giving banks and credit unions the ability to extend their existing core systems to a mobile platform with minimal additional information technology investment.

Zenmonics takes a “defense in depth” approach to information protection with multiple layers of security, including device security, mobile device management security and application-level security via token and user authentication.

In pilots with U.S. and Latin American banks, it took just four weeks to install and integrate the Zenmonics application with live data. The software was previewed during the FIS Global Banking Perspectives conference in London.

About Zenmonics Inc.

Zenmonics is a global technology services and product company serving the banking and financial technology market in more than 60 countries. We specialize in channel integration, bank technologies and mobility solutions for the financial services industry – from small community banks and credit unions to the world’s largest financial services organizations. Zenmonics is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., with additional offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore, India.