What decade are your channels from?

3 Ways to Drag Your Channels out of the Past
(As Told by Back to the Future GIFs)


Remember rotary phones? Fax machines? Even (gasp) physical letters, delivered by human beings? Sure, some of these things are still technically in use, but they’re becoming increasingly foreign to more and more of your customers.

What else do all of these oldie but goodie channels have in common? They were called revolutionary at their inception, but still required huge amounts of manual intervention compared to the more efficient technology that would one day eclipse them.

Have your organization’s channels gone the way of the fax machine? Is everything digital on the surface, but clunky and in need of constant maintenance on the back end?

Well, we’re here to help get you to 2016, friend.

Here’s how you can avoid the fate of the noble but ancient fax machine, as told by time travel experts Doc and Marty:

  1. Streamline. Don’t settle for clunky when you can go efficient.

    Stop Frankensteining legacy systems together—streamline your systems so that customer and associate interactions extend from the same source.

    Bring your consumer and enterprise associates onto the same platform. Integrate once as leverage across all your applications – giving each channel shared context, shared features and a common user experience.

    (Side note: Zenmonics totally does this for you, just FYI)

  2. When it comes to digital, don’t think small when you can dream big.

    One measly mobile app does not a digital strategy make. Think bigger, like omni-channel, omni-transactional digital solutions.

    channelUNITED® transforms your channel architecture with the broadest channel services API layer that spans your consumer digital channels, branch sales & Service, contact center platform, financial kiosks and teller systems and even onto remote tablet devices for your associates.

  3. Make sure your channels are at least as intelligent as your customers—everyone can tell when you’re working with a, um, ‘less than intelligent’ system.

    Adaptable, intelligent solutions work with your customers—not against them.

    Channel intelligent interactions are key to what we’ve built into the channelUNITED platform. We’re talking about the only channel services API on the market with the ability to share customer, account and transactional context from endpoint to endpoint in real-time

Let us show you how to transform your bank with a practical, tangible ROI that will excite both your technical and business teams.

It’s time to let go of the past. You—and your customers—deserve tech designed for the future.