A path to true digital transformation

One platform that powers all self-service and assisted channels engagement points. Move from a patchwork of disconnected point solutions to channelUNITED, a single banking platform used by both your customers and employees.

Customer facing access for online account opening, online banking, mobile, and self service kiosks. The same platform is deployed to banker assisted sales & servicing, origination, case management and teller transactions for your branch, contact center and remote advisors.

The flexible architecture allows you to incrementally deploy individual modules in alignment with your roadmap of prioritized needs.

Take the burden off your customers

The patchwork of disconnected point solutions at most banks today places the burden on your customers to retell their story multiple times in the exhausting journey to resolve a problem. These frustrated customers meet frustrated employees who use outdated tools that create obstacles to effectively and efficiently address the customers’ problems. Enough is enough!

Excite your customers and associates. channelUNITED allows you to harness the power of not only a consistent experience across devices but also real-time customer, account and transactional data and process sharing between your consumer digital applications and your enterprise.

Efficiently resolve customer problems with energized employees to build lasting relationships that deepen over time.

Unmatched integration expertise

Remove point-to-point integration patterns that limit your agility and restrains speed of delivery that your business teams need.

channelUNITED provides a banking-specific digital API layer with >350+ out of the box services and context aware banking functions and persistence feature. Integrate once then rapidly deploy reusable business functions to all end points.

The team behind channelUNITED brings unmatched expertise in delivering banking solutions. It is our passion and sole focus over the last 20 years in banks ranging from $1B to >$1T.


What does it mean to be a “digital bank” when “digital” is a moving target? Consumer expectations shift faster than technology can keep up with, challenging banks to serve needs before customers even know they have them. As customers outgrow single-channel habits, banks must reject single-channel strategies.

This white paper explores the role of omnichannel digital banking strategy in the context of ever-shifting digital banking identity. Topics explored include the current state of omnichannel digital banking, the atmosphere of customer needs and expectations of digital banking, and trends and advantages for banks that adopt omnichannel digital strategy.



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