A Path to Excite Both your Customers and Associates to Engage in your Brand

As with many innovative banks, Bank of North Carolina wanted to evolve our current sales strategy to align towards a universal banker approach and to infuse our sales strategy with personalized recommendations, real-time content, and a complete view of the customer. However, this would require innovating and aligning both our processes and technology, as we understood our success would require us to transform not only our customer experience but also our associate’s experience with the bank.

Traditionally, the objective of innovating the user experience had been satisfied by enhancing the consumer channels of online and mobile–developing  tools that would allow our customer to effectively engage when they were outside the branch.We developed strategies that enhanced the consumer channels but in turn, this created an experience gap between the consumer self-service channels and the experience the customer received when they walked intoa branch or called the contact center for assistance.In our branch studies, we realized our associates did not have the necessary tools to easily and effectively engage customers. We wanted to bring more of a collaborative approach to our vision versus anchored staff behind their desktops.

It is key in our markets, and probably yours, to differentiate our services and provide a more personalized experience for existing and new customers.While our branches still remain the predominant location to provide this personalized experience, we also knew we needed to evaluate technology that could provide mobility to our associates when engaging with customers. It was important for us to pivot on the concept that associate engagement with a customer needed to assume both inside and outside the branch–with consideration of future financial advisory centers (cashless locations), which may have a smaller footprint.

This was a mind shift for our organization to consider our channels as a single platform, which could cater to both consumer and associates, and share information across the various channels and roles. We began to develop a roadmap that could consolidate towards this technology platform to provide a consistent brand and experience to both customers and associates–ultimately  providing us with the ability to provide the personalized recommendations, real-time content, and a complete view of the customer across any channel.

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