Who are we?

We’re innovators, creators, and visionaries. We’re an agile team of industry leaders who are passionate about transforming the banking experience.

We’re headquartered in the banking capital of Charlotte, North Carolina, a city growing almost as fast as we are. Since opening our doors in 2007, we’ve expanded to a global force of more than 200 employees just as passionate as our leaders, each of whom has decades of banking experience. We play hard (no, really, you should see our cricket games), but we work harder. Revolutionizing banking is our full-time job, and it’s a big one.

"Transforming the banking experience sounds nice”, you may be thinking, “but how are you doing it?" channelUNITED, our flagship product, confronts the challenge of your dissociated systems and channels with a pluggable architecture that supports all bank channels on a single platform. No more trying to get separate systems from different providers to communicate with each other.

Our solution supports your sales, servicing and origination features everywhere you need them—from inside your branch (via desktops, tablets and kiosks), to your call center and your remote sales and relationship management workforce. When you need a human touch, our professional services team sets you up for success with launching and maintaining your systems, providing consulting, turn-key delivery and staff-augmentation.

At Zenmonics, we know self-service interactions should make your life (and your customers’ lives) easier. That’s why our solution does the heavy lifting—so you don’t have to.

What do we do?

We’re building intuitive, omnichannel software that empowers you to create seamless experiences for customers and associates alike.


In short, we do it for you.

We use the word ‘partner’ to describe our FinTech-leading clients because that’s what they are—our teammates in improving the banking experience. We want to give our partners the best tools possible to tackle the omnichannel experience.

Most of our employees have been in the banking industry long enough to see innumerable technology trends come and go. We want to permanently transform the face of banking for the better, and we want to do it with you.