Each Channel. Every Interaction. One platform. The Path to Digital Transformation.

Customers and associates love the usability. Technology teams love the architecture. Make everyone happy with channelUNITED.

Zenmonics' channelUNITED solution is the only platform that offers a consistently satisfying experience across your institution's channels to transform every echelon of your digital experience.

Other providers sell clunky packages of cobbled-together systems under the guise of "omni-channel" solutions. These providers clog the works of your organization and lack a meaningful ROI. Embrace efficiency. Cut long-term costs. Dump the technical debt of inefficient platforms.

Re-define "Digital" - putting your customers and associates on a common system. channelUNITED is the leading platform for streamlining your current Digital, Sales & Service, Origination, and Teller platforms into a single solution.  This is real ROI - a cost impact your CFO will love and a cost benefit package you can use to address your entire digital platform.

channelUNITED was built to adapt to your business, so we can expand at your pace - no growing pains required.

What can channelUNITED do for you?

[Spoilers] A lot.

  • Common online, tablet and phone application suite
  • Common Sales & Service, Origination, Call Center, Teller and Kiosk platform
  • Customers and associates on a common system
  • Track channels, devices and users so service calls and data can be tailored to a specific interaction
  • Add-on features for opportunity management, scheduled appointments, contact history, customer cart, needs assessments and more.

Platform Highlights

Please your technology leaders by...

  • Fitting seamlessly into your current operations with over 350+ RESTful services already built and available for use.
  • Insulating channel services from enterprise service layers, enabling accelerated, agile deployment of front-end business features to keep your business team excited and engaged.
  • Using the latest Microservice architecture to package, deploy and test modular feature components, making A/B testing and enhancement rollouts more efficient.