Girl Meets Bank: Finally, a financial story with a happily ever after

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before…

Zenmonics recently had the honor of presenting a demonstration at FinovateFall 2016. Our channelUNITED platform took center stage as Zenmonics’ own Chris Siemasko and Tracey Dunlap walked attendees through the solution that’s changing the way banks relate to customers.

The highlight of the presentation was channelUNITED’s latest innovative feature, the financial story.

Customers are so much more than their balances. The financial story takes a cross-channel, cross-interaction view of the customer—their goals, their history, their challenges and successes.

People are complicated. Their financial histories can be messy and they can be happy. Their story may be just beginning, or nearing its happy ending.

Tell the whole story, from girl meets bank to happily ever after.

For more information, see the full Zenmonics Finovate presentation.