Unified account opening to improve your customer experience and reduce abandonment.

The account opening process is your first impression, like a handshake between potential business partners. A bad account opening experience is a weak handshake—and it can cost you a lifetime of business.

channelUNITED Account Opening is streamlined with optical character recognition, address plug-ins and social APIs, all in a responsive, mobile-friendly design. Our solution captures the information you need for regulatory compliance and booking without holding customers hostage.

Restarts are roadblocks. Customers don’t like them, and neither do we. If a user starts to open an account on one device and wants to finish on another, they can. Our experience moves seamlessly from channel to channel.

channelUNITED Account Opening offers support for your call center, branches and kiosks. Your staff can even monitor applications in real time to address abandonment as it happens.

Start with a strong handshake. Let’s work together to offer customers an account opening experience that’s unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Mobile Responsive

Consistency Across Devices, Cost Effective, Improved User Experience, Limited Friction

Control the Glass

Control your style and design from branding to data.

Channel Agnostic

Assisted and un-assisted channels have real time access to all applications and origination flows.

Additional Features

  • Agreements and Disclosures - eSign & Digital Signature Capture
  • Alerts
  • Application Management
  • Compliance Alignment - (e.g. BSA, KYC, CIP, TCPA)
  • "Express Path" for existing customers and prospects
  • ID Capture for pre-fill
  • Integrated offers and cross sell recommendations
  • Online Banking Enrollment
  • jBPM workflow support
  • Real-time Integration to:
  • Leading authentication and verification industry packages
  • Leading core application for booking and funding