Zenmonics channelUNITED platform included as part of Forrester’s “The Future of the Branch: Why a Digital Revolution is Needed”

Branches are no longer at the heart of customers’ relationships with banks. The rise of online and mobile banking means there are fewer people going into the branch for transactional purposes than ever before. But when it comes to buying a product and seeking advice, many consumers still want to visit a branch and have a human interaction. The branch is far from dead, but a digital revolution is needed.


  • Why Banks’ Own Strategies Are Killing The Branch
  • Why The Branch Needs A Digital Revolution
  • How Innovative Companies Are Using Digital To Transform The Branch

Key takeaways:

  • The dynamic of the branch has changed.
  • Branches are a competitive advantage, but banks’ own strategies are killing them.
  • Banks must use digital to empower frontline employees, not replace them.
  • eBusiness executives must bridge the gap and lead a branch revival.

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